Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

Simple, discreet, unobtrusive coverage that tells your story beautifully!

"Philip is amazing and cannot recommend him highly enough! Very friendly and makes you feel comfortable on your special day. His work is outstanding and half the time you don't even know he is there! This is the guy to have, you will not be disappointed!"
Kelly and Alan

"Philip we cannot thank you enough! We are the envy of all our friends! None of them have seen anything like it! Thank you again for doing such a brilliant job!"
Tracey and Mark

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Our Documentary Wedding Video is perfect for couples who want to have a film record of their important event. Simple, discreet, non intrusive coverage that tells your story beautifully! If you have booked your wedding photography with me you can add Wedding Video to your package for as little as £595. For non-photography clients you can book video only for £995.

  • 5 mins Highlight Trailer
  • Your Wedding DVD
  • Archived film in full HD

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Some FAQ's

Why have a wedding video?
According to recent surveys the biggest regret couples have after their wedding is not having had it filmed. There are many special words on a wedding day that may have taken months or even years of thought and preparation. The vows you make to each other. Speeches from a bestman or parent. A reading from a trusted friend or family member. Blessing from a minister. All of these are only uttered once in a lifetime and if not recorded and filmed are lost forever. It is also not always possible for every single family member and friend to be at your wedding so for them a video is greatly treasured.

How noticeable will the camera’s be?
You will hardly notice them at all! I provide simple, discreet, unobtrusive coverage very similar to my style of photography. This ensures you look natural and relaxed throughout the day and captures your story beautifully! As there is no competing for the best sight lines and vantage points between separate videographer and photographer you also get the best possible all round coverage.

What is filmed?
The most important and significant elements of your wedding day, Vows, Declarations, Speeches, etc, we film all of these and the full footage is included on your DVD as well archived onto flashdrive for you. Your DVD is a beautifully edited documentary film using all of the above elements together with all the other scenes we have filmed throughout the day.

Who chooses the soundtrack?
You do! The sound track can be personalised. You can pick any song by any artist you like and I’ll arrange the necessary licenses. Alternatively, you can use a combination of instrumental tracks from my own video music library.

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Wedding Videography Edinburgh, Lothians & Borders. Wedding Videographer Edinburgh, Lothians & Borders